LaDonna I. Aday
Sikeston, Missouri, 63801

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    RELAXED; as their name implies, very, very laid back.                                                    
              AFFECTIONATE; you will never be able to get all of the love they have to offer!                                   
                GENTLE; just a big ole’ loving hunk of kitty.
                  DOCILE; so much so that they MUST be kept indoors. They love everyone, even puppy dogs!
                    OWNER-DEVOTED; like a puppy, they’ll follow you everywhere.
                      LOW SHEDDING/LOW MAINTENANCE; Yes, this is absolutely the truth!
                        LARGE; one of the largest breeds of all domestic cats. Males can weigh 18-20 lbs!
                          SOUL MATE; you’ll never be lonely again, guaranteed. 

What a joy they are!  Voices sooooft, usually only a "chirp", and the bluest of blue eyes.  Ragdolls' coats are extremely soft and thick, feeling and appearing more like rabbit fur.  They adore their humans; greet you at the door, follow you from room to room, flop on you, sleep with you, and love you.  Gentle giants, carefully avoiding to scratch people, and excellent with children, the elderly, and puppy dogs.  They shed very little, rarely have hairballs, are well behaved, and eager to please. 

I became intrigued with the Ragdoll Cat through the Internet, and immediately set out to find one.  I searched long and hard to locate one even somewhat close to us (eight hours driving time).  After being blessed to be owned by one, a lot of soul-searching, and wanting another one so badly I could taste it, I decided that I would begin breeding these precious creatures to help make them available in our area.

I am a small, closed cattery, TICA registered, in Southeast Missouri, about halfway between St Louis and Memphis.  I breed  to create Ragdolls that possess the real Ragdoll temperament, size and beauty.  It is my responsibility to protect my cats from any unnecessary risk of disease and will not sell to anyone that would allow this baby to roam out of doors.  I do not approve of declawing, and think you will agree when you see what happens to make them "declawed".  As I keep our babies’ nails trimmed from a very young age, they have absolutely no problem with it, and love their scratching posts!  If you feel you must do this horrendous act to a precious being, I ask that you purchase from someone else.


After you own one RAGDOLL, you won’t be happy til you can have another!!!  Words cannot prepare you for the absolute serene joy these babies give. Only after you’ve been blessed to have one will you understand and share in our excitement…you will then know why Ragdolls have been called.......

The World's Sweetest Cat!  

TICA Registered, Cattery #R-2828-GL

God Bless America!


"Lying lips are an abomination to the Lord,

But those who deal truthfully are His delight."  Proverbs 12:22